In order to heal, we must mindfully and compassionately step in to the places inside of us that hurt. When we are fully present we are able to see what it is that we truly need. Therapy can help you process what you are going through in a safe, confidential, place and give you new ways to cope.


Therapy is a place where people can grow. Danna strives to provide a safe, confidential space that helps give clients an allowance to feel, to be, and to connect to what resides deep within. Danna provides counseling for individuals, couples, and adolescents. Her goal is to help people find access to their own inner knowing.



When we become mindful we are able to make choices about how we choose to be in a given moment. Mindfulness helps alleviate suffering. Through learning mindfulness techniques and meditation people can participate in their own healing process. It is extremely empowering and provides a path to deeper inner peace and well-being.



As a supplement to therapy yoga can allow the body to process and integrate deep healing work. It helps reduce anxiety, alleviate depression, and can help open and release muscular tension and pain.


Danna Anderson - Therapist, Mindfulness, Yoga Classes

About Danna

Danna’s life passion is to help and empower people. She’s guided people towards personal growth, treated stress related conditions, and helped with relationships and interpersonal difficulties.