Therapy can help you process what you are going through in a safe, confidential place and give you new ways to cope.


Trauma • Personal Growth • Stress Related Conditions • Relationships & Interpersonal Difficulty • Addiction & Recovery • Codependence • Anxiety • Mindfulness • Life Transition • Depression • Women’s Issues • Loss and Grief


Danna provides counseling for individuals and couples. Her goal is to help people find access to their own inner knowing. Danna helps clients learn to trust themselves. She serves as a compassionate witness and guide along their journey.

Therapy is a place where people can grow. Danna strives to provide a safe, confidential space that helps give clients an allowance to feel, to be, and to connect to what resides deep within. Danna practices holistic therapy.


Danna provides holistic therapy in an integrated approach that recognizes the connection between physical and mental wellness. Through this lens, Danna tailors treatment to a person’s individual needs. 

Nothing inside of us is separate. When one part of us is out of balance it throws all of our systems off. Our health is directly related to our emotional and spiritual well-being. When a person begins to participate in their own healing process they become empowered.

Part of the work of therapy is to gain an awareness of our fears and embrace the unwanted parts of ourselves that may have been pushed inside. When we push away the parts of us that hurt, they do not just go away. When we get scared they usually come out, whether we want them to or not. By facing it ALL we allow ourselves to HEAL, to grieve, to be wherever it is that we already are.

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