Yoga is an entry for self-exploration, healing, balance and well-being.

Danna Anderson Yoga Classes, Houston, Texas, Heights

Danna provides private yoga and mindfulness classes. Lessons are personally tailored towards each individual’s needs. She can also work in conjunction with a client’s therapist to support their healing work. Danna can also provide meditation coaching and planning.

The practice of yoga can help you calm down the nervous system, help the body release trauma, reduce tension, and bolster the immune system.

As a supplement to therapy it can allow the body to process and integrate deep healing work. It helps reduce anxiety, alleviate depression, and can help open and release muscular tension and pain. It helps people slow down, be in their bodies, and gain a deeper understanding of themselves.

Private yoga sessions provide a safe place to release anything the body is holding onto.

Private yoga sessions can assist clients in creating a home practice that best meets their individual needs. Additionally, individual needs can be met according to the person’s psychology and physiology. Danna is trained in Hatha, Yin and Restorative yoga. Private Yoga Sessions are usually 1 to 1.5 hours.

* Please note that yoga is not a substitute for therapy, and when Danna is conducting yoga sessions, she is not conducting therapy.

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Yin yoga helps to relax and calm down the nervous system. This style of yoga influences the body’s meridians and strives to deeply open the hips, pelvis and spine to create space in the joints and nourish the connective tissues. The work in a yin class is finding the ease in the discomfort that arises. In class we work on bringing a meditative awareness to the bodies sensations as they come and go.


Location:  Wondering Hearts: 637 W 18th St. In the yoga barn around back.

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